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Exporters and importers can identify with a single tool the market shares, preferential tariffs, TRQs, rules of origin, and SPS and other standards related to any specific product. Additional tools also provide valuable up-to-date information for doing business across borders. Step by Step Information for Exporters Tools for Rules of Origin Tariff Quota Fill Rates (USA) SPS Regulations and Border Rejections Private Standards Requirements to Export Food and Feed

This option, with a simple query, collects all of the data regarding trade of one selected product between two countries. This includes a summary of the historical trade in that good, the MFN and preferential tariffs, tariff quotas (if any), and the rule of origin that permits the product to qualify for the preferential tariff. Permits identification at the product level of the specific rule of origin, indicating the materials that must be sourced in a member country. The "Fulfillment Calculator" is an interactive tool that allows the user to input the materials used, and returns an evaluation as to whether that sourcing pattern complies or not with the requirements of the rule. This tool presents updated, clear information regarding the level of utilization of the tariff rate quotas (TRQs) granted by the United States, based on a weekly publication of US Customs. Database on SPS-related border rejections that identifies rejections in recent years by type of product and cause of rejection. Summarizes the main private standards applicable in international markets, indicating for each one its basic concept, principal products covered, requirements and procedures for obtaining certification, and links to the certifying organization's website. Provides a summary of the steps required for a company to export food or feed products to the USA or the European Union. Requirements regarding licensing, production and processing, chemical additives, labeling and packaging, and storage and shipping are all detailed. Links to the websites of the agencies charged with adminstering the various regulations are included.